Polkadot Decoded 2020

The first edition of Polkadot Decoded brought the Polkadot community together for the first gathering since the network’s launch and decentralization. It was also one of the largest blockchain events in 2020, featuring talks from the people building Polkadot’s core technology and teams building ecosystem parachains and cross-network bridges. Polkadot founder Gavin Wood closed the event with a memorable fireside chat moderated by Unchained podcast host Laura Shin.

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  • Camila Russo

    Camila Russo

    Founder, The Defiant
  • Fabian Gompf

    Fabian Gompf

    VP, Parity Technologies
  • Jun Li

    Jun Li

    Founder, Ontology
  • Peter Mauric

    Peter Mauric

    Head of Public Affairs, Parity Technologies
  • Alexei Zamyatin

    Alexei Zamyatin

    Co-Founder & CEO, Interlay
  • Björn Wagner

    Björn Wagner

    CCO, Parity Technologies
  • Brandon Iles

    Brandon Iles

    Co-founder + CTO, Ampleforth
  • Dan Reecer

    Dan Reecer

    Community & Growth Manager, W3F
  • Derek Yoo

    Derek Yoo

    CEO, Purestake
  • Gavin Wood

    Gavin Wood

    Founder, Parity Technologies & Polkadot
  • Eric Wang

    Eric Wang

    Ecosystem Development Lead, Parity Technologies
  • Alex Melikhov

    Alex Melikhov

    CEO, Equilibrium
  • Jutta Steiner

    Jutta Steiner

    CEO, Parity Technologies
  • Laura Shin

    Laura Shin

    Crypto journalist, Unchained Podcast
  • Logan Saether

    Logan Saether

    Technical Education, Web3 Foundation
  • Lucas Vogelsang

    Lucas Vogelsang

    Co-founder and CEO, Centrifuge
  • Aidan Musnitzy

    Aidan Musnitzy

    Founder, Snowfork
  • Raul Romanutti

    Raul Romanutti

    Project Manager, Parity Technologies
  • Robert Habermeier

    Robert Habermeier

    Polkadot Co-Founder, Hypersphere Co-Founder
  • Ruitao Su

    Ruitao Su

    CEO, Acala
  • Christopher Hutchinson

    Christopher Hutchinson

    Head of Global Community, W3F
  • Tomasz Drwiega

    Tomasz Drwiega

    Core Developer, Parity Technologies
  • Will Pankiewicz

    Will Pankiewicz

    Master of Validators, Parity Technologies
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