Polkadot Decoded 2021

The second edition of Polkadot Decoded was one of the biggest blockchain events of 2021, gathering over 12,000 live attendees. For 2021, in the spirit of decentralization, the conference featured an open call for presentation proposals and a community vote to help curate the final program. Over 40 innovators in the Polkadot ecosystem explored the biggest topics in blockchain, from parachains to DeFi, NFTs, IoT, identity, privacy, energy and more. Program highlights included a barstool chat with Gavin Wood and a keynote on parachains by Rob Habermeier, both founders of Polkadot.

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  • Aeron Buchanan
    Aeron Buchanan
    Web3 Foundation
  • Alex Melikhov
    Alex Melikhov
    Equilibrium DeFi
  • Andrew Cronk
    Andrew Cronk
  • Alistair Stewart
    Alistair Stewart
    Web3 Foundation
  • Alexander Mitrovich
    Alexander Mitrovich
    Unique Network
  • Bette Chen
    Bette Chen
  • Brandon Iles
    Brandon Iles
  • Bree Yin
    Bree Yin
    Darwinia Network
  • Deli Gong
    Deli Gong
    Automata Network
  • Gautham J
    Gautham J
  • Derek Yoo
    Derek Yoo
  • Elizabeth Binks
    Elizabeth Binks
    ChainSafe Systems
  • Eliott Teissonniere
    Eliott Teissonniere
  • Gavin Wood
    Gavin Wood
    Parity Technologies
  • Hernando Castano
    Hernando Castano
    Parity Technologies
  • Hyungsuk Kang
    Hyungsuk Kang
    Standard protocol
  • Ingo Rübe
    Ingo Rübe
    KILT Protocol
  • Jeff Burdges
    Jeff Burdges
    Web3 Foundation
  • Hang Yin
    Hang Yin
    Phala Network
  • Jesse Abramowitz
    Jesse Abramowitz
    Parity Technologies
  • Kiko Duan
    Kiko Duan
  • Louie Zeegen
    Louie Zeegen
  • Joe Petrowski
    Joe Petrowski
    Web3 Foundation
  • Luke Schoen
    Luke Schoen
    MXC Foundation GmbH
  • Lucas Vogelsang
    Lucas Vogelsang
  • Maarten Henskens
    Maarten Henskens
    Plasm Network
  • Maciej Baj
    Maciej Baj
  • Matthew da Silva
    Matthew da Silva
    Key Pictures
  • Michael Yuan
    Michael Yuan
  • Peter Mauric
    Peter Mauric
    Parity Technologies
  • Phil Lucsok
    Phil Lucsok
    Parity Technologies
  • Nikodem Grzesiak
    Nikodem Grzesiak
  • Raul Romanutti
    Raul Romanutti
    Parity Technologies
  • Robert Habermeier
    Robert Habermeier
    Parity Technologies
  • Shaban Shaame
    Shaban Shaame
  • Simon Hipkins
    Simon Hipkins
    Key Pictures
  • Shawn Tabrizi
    Shawn Tabrizi
    Parity Technologies
  • Soheil Saraji
    Soheil Saraji
    University of Wyoming
  • Sota Watanabe
    Sota Watanabe
    Plasm Network
  • Tim Williams
    Tim Williams
  • Tomasz Drwięga
    Tomasz Drwięga
    Parity Technologies
  • Tyrone Pan
    Tyrone Pan
  • Zikun Fan
    Zikun Fan
    Crust Network
  • Sergei Lonshakov
    Sergei Lonshakov
  • Žiga Drev
    Žiga Drev
    Trace Labs
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