Open Call for Proposals

The call for proposals closed on February 28th 2021. Polkadot builders and community members were invited to submit their ideas for a presentation or workshop to be voted on by the community.

Presentation Formats

Polkadot Decoded should be an inclusive event for everyone in the community, so it’s important to have a range of presentations for both technical and non-technical audiences, from experienced Polkadot developers to those who are new to blockchain. For this reason, and to make sure we have a diverse and engaging program, we’ve outlined the following presentation formats for proposal submissions.

The Big Picture

Presentations appropriate for non-technical audiences

The Polkadot Vision

20 min

High-level visionary talks on the big problems Polkadot solves. For this format, the focus should be on the capabilities of the technology, not the code. Share your vision of Polkadot and let the world know how it can help build a better web and a brighter future.

Polkadot in Action

20 min

Share one or more specific use cases for Polkadot and show how the technology helps solve pressing challenges. This could include a use case your own company addresses or potential use cases that others could work on, such as governance, identity, gaming, or asset tracking.

Lightning Pitch

10 min

Present your own project to the community in a short talk sharing key information and insight into the problems your project solves. Let the community know why you’ve chosen to build on Polkadot and how the technology helps you meet your project objectives.

Tech Deep-Dives

Presentations for more technical audiences

Tech Talk

20 min

A deep-dive into the technology and use cases of Polkadot. This format can include a project demo to showcase your work on a technical level or a dive into the technology of Polkadot itself. Project demo proposals must include a link to your project’s Github repo.


45 min

Go even deeper into the tech behind Polkadot and share your knowledge in a workshop format. Proposals in this category should include an outline of what your educational goals are, i.e. the outcome you want your audience to achieve after attending your workshop.

Create your own

Go off the grid to define your own format

Your Presentation

10-45 min

Inspired to present your ideas in a format not mentioned above? Let us know what and how you would like to present, including as much detail as possible. This could be technical or non-technical, but in the spirit of inclusivity we prefer presentations aimed at all audiences.

Submission Criteria

To be included in the list of presentation proposals that will be voted on by the community, your proposal submission must meet the following criteria:

  • All submissions must be made in English, and speakers should be prepared to present in English at the conference.
  • Proposals must be submitted no later than February 28th, 2021 at 10pm CET.
  • All submissions must be related to Polkadot.
  • If you are presenting a project, it must be in active development or be a live product/service, you must have publicly announced the project’s connection to Polkadot, and the project must not be under negative legal, regulatory, and/or community scrutiny.

Proposals that meet the guidelines above will be announced in the list of approved submissions in mid March and voted on by the community. If your proposal is not listed at that time, that means it did not meet the above criteria.

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