Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I choose any location to speak at?
  • Can I speak virtually at the event?
  • Can I edit my proposal after I submit it?
  • Can I have more than one presenter?
  • Can I submit more than one proposal?
  • Can I submit a talk that will be pre-recorded?
  • Can I incorporate videos (or other media) into my presentation?
  • My project is built with Substrate. Will it be accepted?
  • We plan on keeping our project on Kusama. Can we still present what we are doing?
  • Can I get an extension past the submission deadline?
  • Can I suggest someone else for the talks?
  • I submitted a proposal but haven't received any feedback. Is everything alright?
  • How many speaker spots are there?
  • Is there an application process for paid sponsorship speaking slots?
  • Want to be involved next time?

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