May 19th

Day 1 featured Polkadot founders Gavin Wood and Robert Habermeier, Web3 Foundation researchers, Parity developers and a selection of community-voted talks.
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Welcome Note

World Premiere - Polkadot Behind the Code, Episode 2: The Build

Capturing Behind the Code

Parachains – Disrupting the Layer One Landscape

Parsing Parachains - the Who, the What and the Why

Auctions, and Crowdloans, and Slots, Oh My!


Composing Next-Gen DApps With DeFi Legos on Acala

OriginTrail: Making Supply Chains Work #Together

Polkadot for Smart Cities

Prove Your Identity & Protect Your Data With Social KYC

Automata Network: Web 3.0 Realized with Traceless Privacy and Seamless Compatibility

A Dispatch From the Front Lines of Multi-Chain Deployment


A barstool chat with Gavin Wood

Closing remarks

Networking Happy Hour


May 20th

Day 2 kicked off with a few talks for everyone before splitting into 3 tracks of community-voted talks and workshops—from techy deep-dives to high-level visionary talks and lightning pitches.
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Opening remarks

The Polkadot On-chain Treasuries – Decentralized Community Funding

Building a Decentralized Brand for Polkadot


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Welcome to Stage 1

Common Good Parachains

Phala: XCMP Makes Confidential Computing Composable


Darwinia Network - The Bridge Hub Between the Polkadot Ecosystem and External Networks

NFTs With Polkadot

Polkadot's Impact on the IoT Industry


A Next-Generation Secure Digital Ecosystem at the Nexus of Climate and Energy

From Enthusiast to a Paid Position in Polkadot Ecosystem

Bridging Substrate Based Chains to Polkadot


Community Talks

The Polkadot Vision. High-level visionary talks on the big problems Polkadot solves.
Polkadot in Action. Talks on specific use cases for Polkadot, showcasing how the tech helps solve pressing challenges.
Lightning Pitch. Bite-sized ecosystem project presentations.
Tech Talk. Deep-dives into the technology and use cases of Polkadot.
Workshop. Hands-on tech sessions educating on the technology behind Polkadot.
Custom Format. Presentations with alternative formats chosen by the speaker.

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